Glossier Campaign


The Challenge

More than ever, girls in their 20’s and 30’s are constantly under societal pressure to look perfect. Ever since social media gained popularity, we are surrounded by ads and pictures of photoshopped models. The goal of this fictional campaign was to directly respond to insecurities of many girls and help them gain back confidence by using the anti-acne product “Solution” by the brand Glossier. 


The Approach

Similar competitors focus more on the practical features of their products (cruelty free, vegetarian, vegan, and natural) rather then the emotional benefits that it gives to the consumer. Therefore, the focal point of this ad was to highlight self-esteem people will get after using Glossier's product.

The Result

The concept behind this advertisment poster was to create a monochromatic colour scheme using the model’s skintone and blend it into the background. It emphasizes her clear, fresh, and blemishe free skin. 

The tight cropping and direct eye contact between the model and the target audience makes the message even more intimate and personal. The tagline “Confidence is the Solution” is written in quote form to directly address potential customers, as if she was giving them an advice. 

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Glossier Campaign


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