Aldo Gourmet


The Challenge

Aldo Gourmet is an Italian shop who sells fresh products such as pastries, bread, fine meats, cheese, and cakes for any special occasions. The store needed a new visual identity to attract the young community of food lovers in Montreal


The Approach

The new image of Aldo Gourmet is elegant, authentic, bold and contemporary as a whole. It is the perfect combination of years of experience and a modern vision for the brand.

The Result

Starting with the logo, the inspiration behind it are the large 3D signage on the facade of old Italian shops. The organic shape of the calligraphic type creates an elegant and classic image. However, the bar and the small sans-serif under it adds stability and strength to the whole symbol.

Regarding the application of the brand, a playful pattern was created from the extraction of the "A" in the logo and integrated to a classic Renaissance inspired ceramic tile design. To make the overall mood more simple and up-to-date, the design is flat and in vivid colours.

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Aldo Gourmet